Here’s what people are saying about George’s Meditation for Lawyers℠ program and public speaking engagements:

Thank you SO much for doing this for us! I have been slacking on my meditation lately and really needed this. It’s been the best CLE I’ve ever taken. Thanks again!
— Kelly G.
Great job, especially needed for these tense and stressful times.
— David C.
I enjoyed this greatly. I would like to forward the link to my daughter who is a stressed-out law student.
— Richard D.
Love the feeling of taking off from a thought and not lingering.
— Jeff S.
By far, the best CLE in my 17 years of practice! Much appreciated.
— Amy H.
I have done some reading and have been to some weekends - you were GREAT!
— Allen S.
Very relaxed.
— Mary L.
Thank you so much! The session was immensely helpful and informative!!!
— James E.
Great presentation. Was able to achieve a much more relaxed state. Thank you.
— John P.
A great technique for reducing stress and recharging the batteries.
— Jan P.
Thank you for today. Great presentation.
— BJ S.
A simple and effective way to remain balanced. A real help... especially when it feels like my law practice is taking over my life.
— Deborah B.
I think the fact that our members gave you a standing ovation speaks for itself, and I will note that I have never seen any speaker at a CLE (Continuing Legal Education) receive a standing ovation.
— Stuart F. Cubbon, President, Toledo Bar Association
Very nice meditations, thank you
— Jean S.
You have a very important message to impart... I have met very few lawyers, in and out of court, who make me proud to be one, and I thank you for being one of those.
— Leon St. John III, Palm Beach County Bar Association
You were an outstanding success; attendees could not contain their enthusiasm for your remarks.
— Midge Levy, ACSW, Co-president of Compassion & Choices of Washington State
Great program.
— Don C.
Mr. Felos is an extraordinary and accomplished speaker. His unique blend of compassion and eloquence lend a mesmerizing quality to his words. These are the highest ratings ever received for one of our seminars.
— Trish Branam, Executive Director, Toledo Bar Association
The program exceeded my high expectations, and you are a principal reason why that was so.
— Edward F. Koren, American Bar Association Symposium on BioEthics

If you are interested in attending or hosting a Meditation for Lawyers℠ seminar or inviting George to speak at your event, call him at 727-736-1402 or email him at